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Sgraffito workshops

Sgraffito workshops

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Price PLN 250 / 3h ( included in the workshop price: biscuit and high temperature firing, Amaco underglaze paints, transparent glaze, dried plate ready for decorating)
max number of people: 6

I have a great pleasure to invite you to the sgraffito workshop. This seemingly trivial technique hides additional depth and incredible satisfaction from work. It is also one of the most intuitive methods of decorating ceramics and allows for great control over the final effect. Workshops are conducted from scratch, so we also invite people who have no experience with ceramics yet.

The course will consist of a theoretical and practical part. To begin with, we will discuss the various degrees of clay drying, underglaze paints, tools, both high-end and less expensive (but still fully functional). There will be talks about graphics, drawing, inspirations and design. After which we will move on to the practical part - i.e. doing independent work.

The price of the classes will include three small trial sheets and one larger plate for the final work, as well as Amaco Velvet paints and biscuit and high-temperature firing together with transparent glaze. After the workshop you will be able to pick up glazed and burnt work.

Workshops conducted by: Alicja Kędzierska

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