Ceramic workshops

Ceramic workshops

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Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Workshops

Price 100 PLN / 2h (the price of the workshop: firing, glazes, 1 kg of clay - additional clay 10 PLN / 1 kg, Amaco glazes additionally payable 5 PLN for 200 g of the weight of the burned work)

max number of people: 6

The main assumption of the Tuesday and Thursday workshops is, above all, free creative space. Learning ceramic techniques is in the background. We focus on satisfying and joyful work with the earth;)

I invite both beginners and those more advanced. The first few classes will include learning the basic techniques and rules, thanks to which the items made by our products will burn out completely - without cracks and in the colors we have planned. Therefore, the same path awaits everyone who begins their friendship with ceramics at the AliKe Studio:

  1. Getting to know the materials, tools and rules of working with clay;
  2. The technique of extrusion from the ball, including joining elements;
  3. Construction of objects and sculptures from rollers;
  4. Creating a bowl from a lobe. At this stage we will also talk about firing, mixing different types of clays (nerikomi and agate clay);
  5. Glazing of previously created objects - conversation about materials, glazing techniques and engobes.

After completing the basics, I invite you to join the general topics or come to workshops with your own projects. I offer my help and experience in implementing my own visions.

You can join the group at any time!

The address at which the workshops are held is invariably Fleminga 21 in Warsaw.