I also offer firing in a ceramic kiln.

Rules and pricing below.

The kiln is fired at full load, i.e. when there are enough jobs to fill it.
Oversized items (over 19 cm in height and over 30 cm in diameter) are fired for an additional fee: 1 item = PLN 20.
The bottom of the work must be cleaned of enamel.
We pay for the burnout when the work is handed over.

Price list

Biscuit firing - 15 PLN / kg

Glaze firing low temp. ~1050 ℃ - 24 PLN / kg

Glaze fired at a high temperature ~ 1186 ℃ - 30 PLN / kg

Glaze firing at a high temperature ~ 1220 ℃ - 35 PLN / kg

Glaze whole shelf - flat, small works - 60 pln / shelf

Whole 120L furnace:

Biscuit firing 1000 - 230 PLN / kg

Glaze firing low temp. ~1050 ℃ - 280 PLN / kg

Glaze firing at high temperature up to 1240 ℃ – 320 PLN / kg

Shelf cleaning PLN 50*

Burst of work - PLN 20**

*If, due to improper application of glaze on the works, the shelf becomes dirty and the work sticks permanently to the plate, a fee of PLN 50 will be charged for removing the work and cleaning the shelf
** In the event of an explosion of biscuit work, as a result of which the furnace is contaminated with shards, a fee of PLN 20 will be charged.
Purchase of additional clay for classes 20 PLN / kg.