Kiln Firing Rules & Prices

The kiln is fired at full load, i.e. when there is enough work to fill it.

Oversized objects, i.e., more than 19 cm in height and more than 30 cm in diameter are burned for an additional fee: 1 piece. = 20 zł.

The bottom of the work must be cleaned of glaze.

It is possible to fire the work after re-glazing for an additional fee according to the price list below.

Due to the limited amount of storage space, works that are not collected within 2 months of completion will be donated to a charity auction.

We charge for firing at the time of returning the work. 

Price list 

Firing on biscuit - 12pln /kg
Firing at low temp. ~1050 ℃ - 22pln/kg
Firing glaze on high temperature ~1186 ℃ - 25pln/kg
Firing glaze on high temperature ~1220 ℃ - 27pln/kg
Glaze whole shelf - flat, small works - 60pln/ shelf

The entire kiln 120L:
Firing on biscuit - 200pln
Glaze firing low temp ~1050 ℃ - 230pln
High temp glaze firing ~1186 ℃ / 1220 ℃ - 270pln/kg

Shelf cleaning 50pln*
Explosion of work - 20pln**

*In the event that, due to improper glaze application on the work, there is contamination on the shelf and the work is permanently stuck to the plate, a fee of 50 pln will be charged, including unsticking the work and cleaning the shelf
**In the case of an explosion of biscuit work, as a result of which the furnace will be contaminated with debris, a fee of 20pln will be charged.

Purchase of additional clay for classes 20pln/kg.